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Researchers hoping to begin BioPen clinical trials in three years

The Biopen uses 3D technology to print live cells to repair damage to cartilage, muscles, tendons and bones.

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Researchers hoping to begin BioPen clinical trials in three years

26 May 2017

Researchers hoping to begin BoPen clinical trials in three years

"Volunteers in Focus" photo exhibition

02 May 2017

St Vincent’s is celebrating our wonderful volunteers, with this very special photographic exhibition showcasing the many varied roles of volunteers across all St Vincent’s sites – along with the talents of volunteer and amateur photographer Claire Skewes.

Bourke Street Tragedy

24 January 2017

In the wake of Friday’s tragedy in Bourke Street, St Vincent’s would like to remind everyone that you may need time to process, reflect and acknowledge the impact this event has had on you, your friends, family and colleagues.

Inaccurate reporting creates further stigma for hep C patients

St Vincent's Director of Gastroenterology Professor Alex Thompson and Burnet Institute’s Professor Margaret Hellard respond to media reporting of Australia’s hepatitis C treatment program.

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Meet our ‎volunteer Peter Dwyer

16 May 2016

This National ‎Volunteer Week, we say thank you to one of our many volunteers Peter Dwyer, who visits our aged care residents once a week to play guitar and sing for them as a musical volunteer.