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Cancer Services

Welcome to the STV Cancer Initiative

The Cancer Services Department was established in 2004 following an external review of the hospital cancer services in 2003.   This review coincided with the release of a report on “Optimising Cancer Care in Australia” by COSA (Clinical Oncology Society of Australia), CCA (Cancer Council Australia), and NCCI (National Cancer Control Initiative) and the “Victorian Cancer Services Framework Report” in 2003.

These reports highlighted the need to improve the cancer experience and optimise patient and family outcomes by:

  • Multidisciplinary team development.
  • Access to Cancer Nurse care, information and psychosocial support.
  • Implementation of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines (where available).
  • Models of care to support patients with advanced cancer.
  • Continuity of care across hospital and community based services.
  • Performance monitoring, quality improvement and health outcome measurement.

This site is designed as a resource for clinicians within the hospital of all disciplines, to document progress in developing the Cancer Initiative, and to stimulate interest in changing the way we manage patients with cancer.

A/Professor Sue Anne McLachlan​
Acting Medical Director, Cancer Services
Telephone: (03) 9231 3155​ 

A/Professor Gavin Wright​
Medical Director, Surgical Oncology
Telephone: (03) 9419 2477​ 

Dr Justin Dwyer​
​Acting Medical Director Psychosocial Cancer Care
Telephone: via Switchboard (03) 9231 2211

A/ Professor Mark Boughey
Director Palliative Medicine
Telephone: (03) 9321 2057​ ​

A/Professor Merrole Cole-Sinclair​
Acting Director Haematology & Pathology
Telephone: via Switchboard (03) 9231 3996​

Ms Lesa Stewart​
Program Manager, Cancer Services
Telephone: (03) 9231 4818

Ms Abbey Luckhurst​
Cancer Services Coordinator
Telephone: (03) 9231 3021

Base of Skull​

Sarah Chadwick & Kara Hutchinson 
Available Monday-Friday

Jane Staker 
Available Monday-Friday​

Brain (CNS)

Jane Staker
Available Monday-Friday​


Mary Ann Banting (Breast Care Nurse)
Available Monday & Tuesday
Georgina Christian (Breast Care Nurse)
Available Thirsdays


​An Pham
Available Monday 7:00am - 3:30pm & Wednesday 7:30am-11:30am

Combined Lung

​Maria Loder
Available Wednesday-Friday


Dr Kim Taubman
Available Monday-Friday


​John McPherson
Available Monday-Friday

Veronica Smooker
Available Monday-Friday


​Tara Bunting
Available Monday-Friday

Head and NECK

Sarah Chadwick & Kara Hutchinson
Available Monday-Friday

Upper GI

​Tara Bunting
Available Monday-Friday


​Donna Cowan
Available Friday 8:00am-4:00pm


Please contact switchboard (03) 9231 2211 to speak with directly. 

Within St Vincent's, there are a number of Cancer Tumour Streams which hold regular multidisciplinary meetings as  part of the multidisciplinary care provided for our patients. 

The idea of multidisciplinary care is to provide a collaborative approach to treatment planning and ongoing care throughout the treatment pathway. Multidisciplinary care aims to ensure that members of the treatment and care team can discuss all relevant aspects of a cancer patient’s physical and psychosocial needs along with other factors impacting upon the patient’s care.

The table below lists the tumour streams, their meeting times, how often they meet and the meeting coordinator.  Click on the tumour stream name to view composition of each team and on the middle column to view the meeting schedules. 

Tumour Stream: Base of Skull​

Time of Meeting/Regularity - 3rd Tuesday, 8.00am, Monthly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Sarah Chadwick & Kara Hutchinson (ENT Nurse Coordinator #1349, x2755)
  • Ms Jane Staker (Brain CNS Nurse Coordinator x3067)

Tumour Stream: Brain (CNS)

Time of Meeting/Regularity - 1st Tuesday, 8.00am Monthly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Ms Jane Staker (Brain CNS Nurse Coordinator x3067)

Tumour Stream: Breast

Time of Meeting/Regularity - ​Tuesday, 1.30pm, Weekly

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Ms Mary Ann Banting/Ms Georgina Christian (Breastcare Nurses) #294
  • (B/Care Nurse available Tues, Wed & Thurs) Call x 4743 to leave message

Tumour Stream: Colorectal

Time of Meeting/Regularity - Monday, 8.30am, 3 out of 4 weeks​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Ms An Pham (Colorectal Nurse Coordinator, x3020)

Tumour Stream: Combined Lung

Time of Meeting/Regularity - Friday, 8.45am, Weekly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Dr Matt Conron (Respiratory Physician, x 3128)
  • Ms Maria Loder (Respiratory Nurse Coordinator, #984, x 3136)

Tumour Stream: Endocrine

Time of Meeting/Regularity - Wednesday, 4.30pm, Monthly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Dr Kim Taubman (Nuclear Physician, #, x4310)
  • Mr S Farrell (ENDO Surgeon, x3975)

Tumour Stream: Haematology

Time of Meeting/Regularity - Tuesday, 12.00pm, Fortnightly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Mr John McPherson & Ms Veronica Smooker
  • (Haematology Nurse Coordinators x 3714, x3715)

Tumour Stream: Hepatoma

Time of Meeting/Regularity - Monday, 12.15pm, Fortnightly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Ms Tara Bunting (Hepatoma Nurse Coordinator, x3046)

Tumour Stream: Head and NECK

Time of Meeting/Regularity - Thursday, 7.30am, Weekly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Sarah Chadwick (ENT Nurse Coordinator #1349, x2755)
  • Kara Hutchinson (ENT Nurse Coordinator #1349, x2755)

Tumour Stream: Sarcoma

Time of Meeting/Regularity - Wednesday, 6.30am, Weekly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Contact: Professor Peter Choong
    (via rooms (03) 9639 1300)

Tumour Stream: Upper GI

Time of Meeting/Regularity - Monday, 1.30pm, Fortnightly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Ms Tara Bunting (Upper GI Nurse Coordinator,x3046)

Tumour Stream: Urology

Time of Meeting/Regularity - Friday, 7.30am, Fortnightly​

Meeting Coordinator 

  • Ms Donna Cowan (Urology Nurse Coordinator, x3639)

Contact Us

Abbey Luckhurst
Cancer Services Coordinator
Tel: 9231 3021

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