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Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP)

St Vincent’s Hospital Admission Risk Program (HARP) is a Health Independence Program (HIP)
HARP aims to improve people’s health outcomes and manage the rate in growth and demand for public hospital services by reducing the use of emergency departments (ED) and inpatient services where avoidable.

HARP aims to improve health outcomes for people who either frequently present, or who are at risk of presenting to hospital, because of chronic disease or complex medical and / or social issues by providing short term care coordination and education and by linking people to longer term community supports where appropriate.

HARP at St Vincent’s consists of:

  • Complex Needs: Psychosocial (ALERT) - Care Coordination, advocacy and support for socially disadvantaged people who come to the Emergency Department with complex social and medical needs
  • Chronic Disease Management (Restoring Health) - Chronic Disease Management including telephone based support, disease specific education and self- management  strategies for people with chronic diseases including heart and lung diseases, diabetes and HIV
  • Complex Needs: Aged Care (TRAAC) - Care coordination, advocacy and support for older people with complex healthcare and social needs
  • The Cottage- Holistic pre and post hospital care for socially disadvantaged men and women with a medical need, in a homelike setting

Contact Us

To contact HARP or refer a patient to the program:

  • 1300 131 470